Friday, 6 April 2012


This will be a short post today as I have been attempting to do some uni work...
One of my essays over the holidays is about why Puritans didn't like the Elizabethan religious settlement. I've been moaning about how dull Puritans are to anyone who will listen, telling them to think of all the fun bits of Christianity, get rid of them, then you have Puritanism.
For my essay I've been reading a Christopher Hill book 'Society and Puritanism', he mentions a contemporary Bishop, Jeremy Taylor, who insisted that Jesus Christ never laughed. This tickled me, knowing that Puritans had an idea that they were as dull as dishwater.
Hope your all having a lovely bank holiday weekend, don't eat too many easter eggs! :P

Thursday, 8 March 2012

A new start

Third time lucky for this blogging lark. I've decided I want to give it a go again as it could help my writing for my degree (I wish! :P). But instead of going the beauty blogging route again, I've decided to write more about my life and things I've been doing/reading and my experiences at Uni in general.
So here's a little bit about myself again before I start on my attempt at blogging again.
(insert really old photo of me)

So I'm a 20 year old second year history undergraduate at the University of Northampton. I particularly enjoy Russian history from around 1880 to 1918, certain aspects of World War One and quite a lot of local history. I drive a black Chevrolet Spark called Bernard, after one of my favourite TV/comedy characters, Bernard Black. When I'm not at Uni I love watching crap on the TV, mostly Eastenders. I also enjoy reading 'chick lit', when I have time. When you have a massive pile of history books to read, reading isn't the first thing on your list to do in your free time.
My best friend lives in London which means I don't get to see him as much as I would like to but I'm hoping over the summer holidays I will have more of an excuse to see him on my visits to the National Archives and the National War Museum for my dissertation research.
So I guess that's it? Hopefully I'll have something interesting to write about soon. Until then, tara! x